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Video podcast- #15

Hello Gang, Just a short Podcast to tell you about some things going on here.


I talk about some things going on here at 3Crosses Woodcarving. 
Here is where you can view my carvings for sale: http:////
I will be teaching at The Southeastern School of Woodcarving July 12th-14th, here is the link:
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I'm Back!

Hello Gang, I am back! I know that some on the Woodcarving Illustrated Forum were wondering about me.

I have had Website issues for several months, but I finally got them solved. I also had some personal issues that hindered me.

But I am back and will try to post something at least once a week. I will start with a video about how I sharpen my tools, I have had a lot of people want me to do this, so I am going to try to do this in the next few days.

I am also going to start ,(finally) my new "Fancy woodspirit" video. This video will not be posted on YouTube like the rest, I will put up a preview and then it will be for sale here on the site. I will leave the rest of the videos that are up there for free viewing. I also will post new short videos like the sharpenig one mand maybe on on carving the nose and others I come up with. But now I have to make a living from carving and the videos.

So please come back and tell your carving friends to visit here!




Small Woodspirit - WIP

Hello Gang, hope ya"ll had a good weekend and got to carve some. I will start the next Video this week some time. It will be the "Fancy Woodspirit", the pictures below are examples of what we will carve in the Video.

I went to Matt's last night and started a new woodspirit. I am using my new style again, but this is a small woodspirit. He will probably be a pin. The picture below shows the three latest Woodspirits I have carved. I use them to show the scale of this small spirit.  1-1/4"x3".

The picture also demonstrates how you can scale down, (or) scale up a carving. Sometimes you might want to try that on your projects, it's fun! In fact I am thinking about doing one even smaller in bone, or walnut or cherry. Also I am thinking about doing one larger, say10"x 24" or so. 

This is all a part of growing and learning as a carver. Trying new ways of working, new methods, new features to your carvings!

I encourage ya"ll to experiment, don't be afraid to fail! Just try out your ideas, if it doesn't work, so what! The olny way you will ever find your nitch, your style is to try different things! Your carvings don't have to look like mine or anyone else's. 

I don't claim to be the most creative person around, but when I mess around and try out things, it stimulates the creativity that I do have. As ya"ll know, I don't use patterns and the fun in carving for me is to just start carving and let the piece flow and see what I come up with. 

I encourage ya"ll to try that, keep your mind open to changing things as you go. Look for the flow of the wood, if you are using driftwood or look at you piece of basswood and see what you might try, to change the look of your carving. These days I am trying to carve better detail,  to add more flow and more depth to my carvings.

I have my own style now, but it is a mixture of what I have learned from others, my own observations of faces and carvings of faces I have seen. But I also think that our styles should always be evolving and growing. That keeps our art fresh and helps keep us motivated to grow and learn more!

I challenge all of ya'll to try something new, that you come up with! If you do I would love to see pictures of what you come up with! 

What are you thoughts on this subject? What do you do to challange yourself and your art? Please comment or email your thoughts and experiances on this subject!

PS.  Thanks again to all who have supported this Site by buying Videos or donating to the Tip Jar! Also there are still spaces for the class I will teach at the Southeastern School of Woodcarivng in July!

Ya'll come carve with us!



Native American Carving Tutorial is Ready for Sale

Hello Gang, I finally got the Naticve American Tutorial burnt to DVD and ready for sale! You can click on the "Add to Cart" button at the left to purchase this DVD.

Once again, I want to thank all of you taht have donated to the cause here on the Blog! Carvers are the most giving people I have ever been around!

I will start the next Video "Fancy Woodspirit", next week. I will

not push myself as hard on this video, the last one about killed me. But I am glad I did to so fast!

Ya'll come carve with us!



Native American Carving Tutorial - Part 10 Final piece!

Yippee! The Native American video is finished, here is the last part. I have done the editing, and will burn it to DVD, today or tomorrow. Then it will be available for save here. The video ran 3hrs. and 35 minutes and I will burn it on a single DVD (double layer). It is going to cost a bit more, the media is very expensive and it is longer that any Tutorial I have done. I am pleased with it. As always Comments and crituques are welcome.

I am going to take a break this week and just carve and get my shop cleaned up. Next week (or sooner) I will start the "Fancy Spirit" video, if I hear from ya"ll about it!